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What We Do

How We Work

  • We help you explore your possibilities and make an informed choice.
  • Our decisions are based on sustainable development trends and have a long-term validity.
  • We provide training for your staff and motivate them on the road to digital transition.
  • We participate directly in the process of strategy implementation. We take on operational responsibilities.
  • We collaborate with your traditional subcontractors on design, programming etc.
  • If you need partners, we help you find them and create effective partnership relations.


When was launched, we consulted the company on advertising products and positioning in the advertising market space. We also provided them with in-house training. Even today our Investor partners turn to us for consulting services on various issues. is one of the oldest Bulgarian websites, with very strong positions in the advertising market. We provide the company with consulting services related to many aspects – products, sales, marketing and entering international markets.

Darik entered the web market comparatively late. We helped the company to quickly build its portfolio and audience. We also consulted them on important acquisitions. After two years of cooperation with PostEffects, Darik ranked 5th and is now one of the most significant online publishers.

Atol Media

The company is known to the public for the biggest Bulgarian dating site - Two years ago we helped the redesign and rebranding of Elmaz, Atol and Sibir. Over a long period of time we provided consulting services on their strategy in the premium advertising market. is the first and most innovative real estate portal. We worked with the company from 2004 to 2009 on rebranding, redesign, online marketing and sales of internet advertising.

In 2009 BGMaps turned to us with a request to redesign the service and explore various opportunities for business development.

Harmonica is the most popular Bulgarian organic brand. We help them organize and manage their online presence – an ecosystem of websites, social media and online advertising.

Since 2004, eFlag has been successfully organizing trainings in internet advertising and digital marketing. Over 300 professionals from various Bulgarian companies have already passed the course.